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Career information 3.0:

pupils finding out more about training opportunities at SCHEUERLE

Pupils from the 7th to 10th classes have been getting the latest information about training opportunities at the heavy-duty vehicle manufacturer in Pfedelbach. On an 80 m² stand at the M + E InfoTrucks, the pupils embark enthusiastically on a journey in which they participated virtually in the production process of a vehicle along with typical tasks featured in apprenticeships in the metal and electrical industries. On attractively-designed experimental stations, the youngsters experienced the "Fascination of Technology" – both intuitively and practice-oriented. Thus, the pupils learn, for example, how a computer-controlled CNC milling machine has to be programmed for milling a workpiece, the wide range of options available for using a togle switch in electronic circuits and how an elevator is controlled. "A very cool thing" commented Dirk Schäfer, Head of HR at the TII Group, visibly impressed by the M + E InfoTruck. All apprenticeship opportunities at SCHEUERLE at a glance here:

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