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Dual Study Programme

Bachelor of Engineering – Electrical Engineering (m/f)

“In my degree course, I work with both electrical and hydraulic components and their control. Above all, my systematic and logical thinking as well as mathematical understanding are basic prerequisites for the work I carry out in the control and software development departments." 

Programme overview

  • Length of course:  6 semesters or 3 years, alternating between theory and practical
  • Theoretical semesters at the DHBW in Mosbach, practical semesters at the Pfedelbach plant

Your requirements

  • General higher education entrance qualification
  • Entitlement to study at a University of Applied Sciences or having a subject-related entrance qualification together with respective study capability test
  • Interest in the course content as well as in business-related content
  • Personal initiative, reliability, teamwork and ability to cope with pressure


  • 30 days holiday / flexitime / statutory savings enhancement plan

Practical content

  • Basic technical training and becoming familiar with production processes
  • Working in all relevant departments such as Control Systems and Software Development

Theoretical content

  • Technical focal points such as electrical engineering, software engineering, electronics, communications engineering, physics, mathematics and computer science

Job opportunities after graduating

  • Steuerung, Softwareentwicklung

Further training opportunities

  • Where appropriate: Masters