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TII Group - We move anything that's big and heavy

TII - the film

Experience the TII Group in all its brilliance - SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS and KAMAG present pure heavy-duty expertise. In the process, German engineering skill as well as in-depth knowledge of the industry play the leading role. Enjoy our brand new film.



SALSA Plus – Tractrix

SPMT SL with Widening System

When flexible width is needed for higher tilting stability or fast changing loads with different sizes the SPMT Widening Solutions are the answer. Available as scissor or telescopic type the SPMT Widening Solutions offer flexible vehicle solutions that can be changed in minutes.

SCHEUERLE HighwayGiant - Innovative modular Dual Lane Trailer concept

The Dual Lane Trailer HighwayGiant from SCHEUERLE has been specially developed as a flexible vehicle concept in order to fulfil the different requirements found in the North American market.


First transport using the new K25 vehicles in the port of Dunkerque involving a 140 t consignment of steel girders.

InterCombi SP wind blade transport G2

The SCHEUERLE InterCombi SP wind blade transporter, generation 2, driving to Friedrichruhe, Germany.

Rotor Blade

Impressive testdrive from Scheuerle's InterCombi SP with Rotor Blade Adapter Generation II through Pfedelbach to the direction of Heuberg, Germany. The carrier is Wiesbauer from Germany.