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Aircraft Recovery System

Unique worldwide

The SCHEUERLE aircraft recovery system is a combination of modular trailers or transporters for the recovery of aircraft with partially or completely damaged landing gear. The trailers or transporters can be flexibly adapted for accommodating all common types of aircraft ranging from the A319 / B727 through to B747 / A380. The system is complemented by lifting bags and measuring systems for the rescue operations that are provided by the customer. The aircraft recovery system is unique worldwide.

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Aircraft Recovery System

  • Large damaged planes
  • Pulled version with modular transporters, e.g. InterCombi or K25
  • Self-propelled transporter, e.g.Type K24, InterCombi SPE or K25 SPE
  • Hydrostatic drive for modular transporters, e.g.
  • Without its own drive for self-propelled transporters.
  • Various supporting tables for adjustment at different plane types
  • Modular crossbeams for adjustment at different plane types
  • Modular transport system for plane types A319 / B737 to A380
  • Suitable for NLG (nose landing gear), MLG (main landing gear), NLG + MLG (left or right) scenarios
  • Certified quality: The TII Group is approved as supplier for recovery systems by Boeing
  • Based on self-propelled transporters, which are connected with a special frame and expanded with lift pads

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