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Compact Vehicles for Road Transportation

Experience efficiency

The transition from modular to compact vehicle within the product range of the TII Group is fluent, as even compact vehicles such as the SCHEUERLE EuroCompact may be extended by modular elements and adapted to the respective transport assignments. The bottom of the scale is marked by the SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS Euroflex, shouldering a payload of 32 tons in its smallest version. On the other hand, loads of more than 100 tons are comfortably transported by the SCHEUERLE EuroCompact, a category otherwise reserved for heavy modular platform trailers such as the SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 or the SCHEUERLE InterCombi. The product range is complemented by a comprehensive accessories program including decks, load distributors, ramps and other extras, allowing you to tailor the compact vehicles by the TII Group to your exact application.