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Economic and robust

The SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS EuroFlex is a lightweight semi-trailer which is used, in particular, in the construction industry as well as for transporting agricultural and forestry machinery.

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  • Construction machinery
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Forestry machinery
  • Semi-trailer 3, 4-axle, trailing-steered
  • Semi-trailer 3 - 5-axle, positively-steered
  • Continuous loading platform
  • Air suspension
  • 2.5 – 2.75 – 3m
  • Gooseneck in different designs
  • Axles: rigid, trailing, lifting axles, or hydraulic positively-steered
  • Axle load: 10.5t to 12t
  • Fifth wheel load: 12t to 25t
  • Wheelbase: 1360mm and 1510mm
  • Single or double extendable loading platform
  • Two-piece ramp across the complete width
  • Alu ramps, short or long hydraulic lifting deck
  • Electric or hydraulic winch, in combination with 2 storage boxes
  • Hydraulic supports at front and/or rear
  • TWIN central lubrication system
  • ITAP function: diagnostic and error display and administration via iPad or smartphone
  • TPMS function: tyre pressure and temperature display on the iPad or smartphone
  • Optimised unladen weight
  • Wide excavator recess
  • Sliding extension supports for a wider loading area
  • New, simplified control unit integrated on the gooseneck
  • Bogie unit height adjustment via the iLevel function
  • Display for diagnostics and control of the bogie unit
  • (with recording of the ride heights) with the TIM function
  • Self-positioning supports under the two-piece ramps