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Modular Vehicles for Road Transportation

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The TII Group offers a wide range of modular vehicles for transporting loads on public roads. The wide product range comprises different model series of modular platform vehicles with various load capacities, platform heights and vehicle widths. In order to optimize payloads, the focus of the design process is on an extremely lightweight construction whilst retaining the bending-resistant main beams. The basis of the modular road vehicle solutions by the TII Group is the hydraulically-supported pendulum axle, which was developed by SCHEUERLE in 1956 and has revolutionized heavy-duty transport since its market launch. It allows for an even distribution of the payload across multiple axles. Uneven ground conditions can be compensated for up to 650 mm. Nevertheless, the hydraulic pendulum axle is very road-friendly. The all-wheel steering with large steering angles guarantees the best possible maneuverability of the heavy-duty vehicles.