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Nothing is too heavy

Key Facts

  • Low operating and procurement costs
  • Optimized vehicle construction and excellent manoeuvrability
  • Optimal for high payloads on public roads
  • Maximum flexibility and variability due to the modular design
  • Low dead weight
  • Cost-effective transport of payloads up to 300 tonnes
  • All-rounder in the fields of construction machinery, long materials, wind energy, onshore and offshore, bridge elements and general road transportation
  • Movable as semi-trailer and trailer

Your Advantages

Your Advantages

The high (hydraulic) axle compensation of the SCHEUERLE EuroCombi guarantees full ground contact also in difficult situations, prevents damage to the vehicle and ensures the maximum level of safety.

The SCHEUERLE EuroCombi has a modular design, is very flexible and suitable for transporting long materials, construction machinery, wind energy plant and bridges.

The SCHEUERLE EuroCombi can easily be coupled with the proven SCHEUERLE InterCombi, FlatCombi and UltralightCombi models, i.e. the Combi series.

The EuroCombi makes load securing easy - with many, easily accessible and load-bearing lashing points.

A wide range of slab, excavator and frame decks makes the SCHEUERLE EuroCombi very versatile.

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Technical Data

Typical use
  • Road transport
  • Construction machinery, long materials, wind energy plant, on and offshore equipment, bridge elements
Available models
  • 2-6 axle modules for combination as semi-trailer and trailer
Available accessories
  • Decks: excavator, frame and slab decks, also available as telesopic versions
  • Bolster (steered, non-steered)
  • Additional equipment (lifting/lowering + steering)
  • Drawbar (different versions)
  • Gooseneck
  • Spacer
  • 2430/2750 mm widths
Height in driving position
  • 1260 mm
Dead weight
  • 6-axle example: 16,600 kg
  • up to approx. 300 t
Fifth wheel load
  • depending on version 17,500 - 32,000 kg
Axle line load (German Traffic Regulations - StVZO)
  • 12 t
Axle line load (technical, at 20 km/h)
  • 20 t
Centre distance
  • 1500 mm