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K25 L

The stable platform vehicle

The new K25 L is a real highlight among platform trailers. The L in the name stands for low. In spite of the larger tyres, the platform height remains extremely low. Perfect for loads with a high centre of gravity such as wind turbine components. Due to its large track width, the new K25 L offers around 10 per cent more stability than is usually found on the market. Let´s hear it for safety!

Track width
2,100 mm with 3,000 mm outer width

Platform height
875 mm/910 mm (loaded/unloaded)
with larger tyres 285/70R19.5

Bending moment
+5,300 kNm /-2,600 kNm

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  • Maximum stability due to the large track width
  • Safe transportation of tall loads thanks to the low platform height and large tyres
  • Flexible loading options due to the high bending moment
  • Suitable for uneven terrain thanks to the greatest possible axle compensation
  • Best manoeuvrability due to the maximum steering angle
  • Designed also for use in icy regions
  • Enhanced braking operations and shorter braking distance thanks to EBS
  • Top stability for loads with a high centre of gravity
  • More than 30% higher torsional stiffness than is usually available on the market
  • Technically perfected for long-distance assignments
  • Less maintenance, e.g. through the use of pipes instead of hose lines
  • / Only LED lights installed
  • 2 to 6-axle modules
  • Power Pack Unit Z19
  • Accessories: gooseneck, drawbar, swivel bolster, deck, tower adapter.
  • Single tyres: 285/70R19.5
  • Vehicle width: 3,000 mm
  • Track width: 2,100 mm
  • Axle distance: 1,500 mm
  • Platform height: 875 mm (loaded) / 910 mm (unloaded)
  • Axle load 23 t (13.9 t at 80 km/h)
  • Axle compensation 680 mm
  • Max. steering angle: +/- 60°
  • Ambient temperature: to -25°
  • Components for wind power plants, e.g. tower segments, nacelles
  • Transformers
  • Generators
  • Heavy construction machinery
  • Oversize and heavy loads

One series – numerous options

K25 L series

The modular platform vehicle is available in 2, 3, 4 and 6-axle versions. The modules can be coupled with the complete K25 product range. The K25 L can be driven as a vehicle combination or using a Power Pack Unit Z19. It can be combined with a gooseneck, drawbar, swivel bolster, deck and tower adapter.