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For all sorts of heavy loads

  • Strong vehicle construction designed for high loads along with extreme manoeuvrability
  • The premier class of modular road transport for the highest payloads
  • Can be coupled longitudinally and transversely
  • Optimized, sophisticated vehicle construction with extreme manoeuvrability
  • Maximum flexibility and variability through the modular design
  • Can be used as a trailer or semi-trailer
  • All-rounder in the fields of construction machinery, mining equipment, long materials, wind energy, ultra-heavy bridge elements and general road transportation
  • Electronically steered and self-propelled
  • The SCHEUERLE InterCombi can be used as trailer, semi-trailer or self-propelled transporter, and sets the standards in its segment

Your Advantages

Your Advantages

Due to its high axle load and rigid vehicle construction, the SCHEUERLE InterCombi offers the possibility of transporting extremely heavy loads on short vehicle combinations.

The high bending stiffness of the SCHEUERLE InterCombi allows a concentrated load transfer and thus high point loads.

Non-driven SCHEUERLE InterCombi modules can be coupled with driven modules, thus expanding the range of applications for the user.

The SCHEUERLE InterCombi can be coupled longitudinally and transversely. This creates a customized vehicle for handling every transport assignment.

The high axle compensation of the SCHEUERLE InterCombi makes the vehicle resistant to road surface unevenness and reduces the likelihood of damage during operations against axle and structural overload. Material-friendly. Higher degree of reliability regarding mechanical stress and damage.

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Technical Data

Typical area of use
  • All-rounder in the fields of ultra-heavy construction machinery/mining equipment, long materials, wind energy, on and off-shore, ultra-heavy bridge elements, road transportation, power plant technology, transformers
Available models
  • 2-6 axle platform trailer + lengthwise divided versions (split)
  • Modules with increased frame rigidity and increased bending moment
Available drive types
  • Without drive = pulled
  • SP: hydrostatically-driven as self-propelled with track rod steering
  • SPE hydrostatically-driven as self-propelled electronically steered
  • PB: hydrostatically-driven, can be used as self-propelled and an option for pushing support on the roads, with deactivated wheel drives as trailer towable up to 80 km/h
Available accessories
  • Excavator, frame and slab decks, telescopic versions also available
  • Bolster (steered, non-steered)
  • Additional equipment (lifting/lowering + steering)
  • Drawbar (different versions)
  • Gooseneck
  • Spacer
  • Cross-coupling elements for lateral coupling
  • Cross-coupling spacer element for lateral widening
  • Side girder deck
  • 3000/3100 mm
Axle line load (German Traffic Regulations - StVZO)
  • 12 t
Axle line load, technical
  • 45 t
Centre distance
  • 1500 mm
Axle compensation
  • 650 mm



"For this transport, we had to completely rely on the equipment we were using. Then, driving on the BAB A9 main traffic artery with a total weight of 250 tonnes and a width of almost 10 m, everyone had to be sure that everything was running perfectly."

Nicolas Grimm, Transport Coordinator at Spedition Kübler

Kübler transported a ship's hull and upper deck using the InterCombi modular platform trailer. Everything was planned right down to the smallest detail because every centimetre counted in this assignment. The extreme manoeuvrability of the modular transporter was a decisive advantage because as it was decided not to use a bolster, the load had to be rigidly positioned and secured by lashing. The InterCombi was used here as a trailer utilizing the 9 and 11-axle versions. Thanks to the hydraulically supported pendulum axles, the difficult road conditions were mastered without any problems.

"The InterCombi modules are precise to control and robust at the same time."

Vlad Lechintan, Rontransmar founder.

For extremely concentrated loads such as a 230-tonne transformer, Rontransmar uses the very robust and manoeuvrable modular InterCombi platform trailer. In the meantime, Rontransmar uses a total of 35 InterCombi platform trailer axle lines. Regardless whether as a trailer, semi-trailer or self-propelled, the vehicles have proved themselves time and time again through their robust construction and enormous flexibility which is guaranteed by means of the wide range of decks, load distributors or bolsters. The platform trailer can thus be tailored to meet the exact needs of the customers.