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A global commodity

Back in the 1970s, SCHEUERLE - today a member of the TII Group - developed the technology on the basis of which resulted in a vehicle launched in 1983 that would fundamentally transform and revolutionize the heavy haulage sector. The SPMT (Self Propelled Modular Transporter in container dimensions) successfully found its way into the industry and changed more than just the way how loads are transported. The production concept for the modular construction of industrial, conveyors or infrastructure projects were reorganized with a future-oriented focus. Today, modules reach weights of up to 17,280 tonnes with this upward trend showing no signs of ending. This is only operationally manageable through the use of SPMTs. Continuous further developments and innovations, such as the SPMT Widening Solutions or SPMT F with its increased top speed, today ensure the technological leadership of the TII Group in this segment.

Your advantages

Cross hire rental - you, as a customer of the TII Group, benefit from the worldwide coverage with our modular vehicles. You can, as required, rent additional axle lines hire (cross hire rental) and thus flexibly manage respective projects even though more axle lines are required than are available in your own fleet. This provides you with an edge in terms of flexibility and planning compared to your competitors.

Container flat rack loadability of the SPMT – through the problem-free loadability on Container Flat Racks, SPMTs from the TII Group are suitable for mobile use worldwide.

Technical leadership - the SPMT series in container dimensions has been continuously further enhanced since its initial development and market development, and comply with the very highest standards regarding technology and quality. In all important technical configurations, they are industry leaders compared to the competition.

Coupling capability - SPMT modules from the TII Group can be coupled regardless of which generation of vehicle. This is a decisive success factor for you when considering fleet expansion by either renting or purchase.

Robustness, experience and service – the TII Group can look back on the most in-depth experience available in the market. No other manufacturer can offer such comparable expertise and therefore comparable technical sophistication and service at this level.


Scheuerle SPMT
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