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The semi-modular EuroCompact low-bed semi-trailer series is used in the construction industry and forwarding sector for transporting construction machinery as well as stone crushers, transformers and other heavy equipment. The compact vehicle concept together with the SmartAxle add-on bogie give you all the flexibility you need for heavy haulage operations in order to transport as many loads as possible with just one vehicle. 

Flexibly adaptable

Excellent steering characteristics

Maximum axle loads

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  • excellent steering performance through an optimised steering system
  • optimal combination length to loading length ratio
  • can be flexibly adapted to suit each particular transport assignment due to the additional SmartAxle
  • unmatched good payload to dead weight ratio
  • thanks to the broad type spectrum with its large selection of goosenecks and platform vehicles, the SCHEUERLE EuroCompact is the efficient solution for every transport task.
  • Construction machinery and elements
  • Containers
  • Wind energy elements
  • Industrial and plant components
  • Energy plant components
  • Technical payload up to 130t
  • Axle compensation 650 mm
  • Axle type: pendulum axles
  • Tyre options: 245 or 285


The SCHEUERLE CleverCoupling system accelerates your coupling process and simultaneously makes the EuroCompact a safe and ergonomic workplace.


Continuous fifth-wheel load adjustment

The gooseneck of the SCHEUERLE EuroCompact is recessed between the first axle line and ensures a shortened combination length but with the same loading length which means up to one metre more loading area for you. At the same time, the standard continuously variable fifth wheel load adjustment makes the EuroCompact highly adaptable in order to fully accommodate the respective load case.


SmartAxle add-on bogie

Thanks to the SmartAxle add-on bogie, the SCHEUERLE EuroCompact can be adapted to suit virtually any load situation. As a vehicle fleet operator, you can improve your capacity utilisation thanks to the high degree of flexibility.


Deck types

A comprehensive range of practical equipment options is available. This includes excavator, slab and frame decks.


Axle compensation

The high axle compensation of the SCHEUERLE EuroCompact makes the vehicle resistant to uneven road surfaces and reduces the likelihood of operational damage.


Excavator arm recess

The continuous excavator arm recess is ideal for transporting excavators, demolition equipment or loading machines.


Reiser Schwertransport GmbH on the road

with the SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS EuroCompact

Maximum flexibility through additional axle assemblies in order to be able to realise larger construction machinery transports. Reiser Schwertransport GmbH is regularly faced with the task of transporting larger construction machines. In order to cover as many transport cases as possible with one vehicle, Reiser added a EuroCompact 2+4 to its fleet of vehicles. This configuration can be expanded to a 3+5 combination through additional axle assemblies, the so-called SCHEUERLE SmartAxle.

New at the TII Group:

SmartAxle makes the SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS EuroCompact even more versatile

The SmartAxle increases the range of vehicle combinations. By specifically customising the vehicle to accommodate the load and route, the SmartAxle makes the EuroCompact even more economical. The basic combination of the EuroCompact can be extended to a 2+5, 3+4 or 3+5 combination on the rear and front chassis through the SmartAxle add-on bogie. As a result, maximum flexibility is guaranteed for the transportation of construction machinery or transformers.