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For all sorts of heavy loads

The SCHEUERLE InterCombi is a modular platform trailer covering a huge variety of load cases. The SCHEUERLE InterCombi can be used as trailer, semi-trailer or self-propelled transporter.

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  • Due to its modular construction, can be adapted to suit all loads and formats
  • 4/6 axle line modules
  • 45 tons axle load
  • Axle distance 1500 mm
  • Without drive = pulled
  • SP: hydrostatically driven as self propelled  with track rod steering
  • SPE: hydrostatically driven as self propelled  (self propelled electronically steered), hydraulically steered with electronic control
  • PB: hydrostatically driven, suitable as self propelled and optionally as push support on the roads, with deactivated wheel drives towed as trailer up to 80 km/h
  • Decks
  • Bolsters
  • Load distributor
  • Small Powerpacks (Heben/Senken u. Lenken)
  • große PowerPacks for drive: 150, 230, 340, 390 kW (different exhaust gas stages, i.e. not every PPU available for every region)
  • Roads and on-site, global