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Sturdy, versatile and reliable

The SCHEUERLE KAMAG K25 is a modular platform trailer with which a wide range of transport assignments can be covered. The vehicle is used as a trailer, semi-trailer or self-propelled transporter, and has set new standards in its segment.

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  • Any loads due to the modular design
    • 2/3/4/5/6 axle modules
    • 45t axle load
    • 1500mm axle distance
    • 3,00m width
    • Without drive = pulled
    • SP: hydrostatically driven as self propelled  with track rod steering
    • SPE: hydrostatically driven as self propelled  (self propelled electronically steered), hydraulically steered with electronic control
    • PB: hydrostatically driven, suitable as self propelled and optionally as push support on the roads, with deactivated wheel drives towed as trailer up to 80km/h
    • TPA: specially-designed PB for Mammoet with 25km/h assist mode and 730kW diesel drive
    • Decks, also side girder decks
    • Bolsters
    • Load distributor
    • Small PowerPacks PPU Z22, PPU ZZ xx, (lifting/lowering and steering)
    • Large PowerPacks for drive: 150, 230, 340, 390, 730 kW 
    • Transport on public roads and on-site, global
    • Highest bending moment on the market
    • +/- 60° steering angle (+/- 140° with the K25 H SPE)
    • Freely-accessible steering rods
    • Can be coupled with other manufacturers´ vehicles
    • Special lashing rings for optimum load securing
    • Low-wear design
    • Robust vehicle construction with extremely high manoeuvrability
    • Can be coupled longitudinally and transversely
    • Comprehensive range of accessories
    • Standard compressed air tank (TÜV inspection not necessary)
    • Corrosion and wear-resistant support cylinders
    • Proven standard wheel bogie
    • BPW pendulum axles, which minimise maintenance costs through their operational performance and quality
    • Steering hydraulics are secured via a pressure-relief valve - prevents damage when steering against resistance, e.g. kerbstone
    • In addition, steering system is hydraulically pre-loaded which significantly increases the driving stability.
    • Entire electrical system (24V) brought together in a  maintenance-friendly switchbox (optionally available in 12V)
    • Mechanical longitudinal coupling of two vehicles via hydraulically lockable coupling fins possible