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The service offered by SCHEUERLE provides for global support during the entire service life of the vehicles. Service team members can be reached 24/7 via a free hotline. From the acceptance of new vehicles, training and instructions on the vehicle via modifications and overhauls all the way to repairs and the supply of spare parts, the TII Group offers all types of services to ensure the efficient operation of the vehicles for their customers worldwide. This range of services is complemented by accompanying support services. In particular, this includes financing support, procurement of used vehicles to other interested parties, consulting on planned transports as well as tailor-made service packages. An essential element of the service range also includes modifications and overhauls. With targeted measures, customers can ensure an even longer-term use of the vehicles acquired. Immediate support is ensured by the global cooperation with service partners and our own technicians. A well-assorted stock of spare parts facilitates prompt maintenance.


Contact technical service: +49 (0) 7941 691-2450
Emergency Hotline: +49 (0) 7941 691-2111 (for technical emergency cases outside the office hours)
SALSA Hotline: +49 (0) 7941 691-2490